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Accolade Wines

“ML6 really helped us lift the data ingestion pipeline off the ground, and optimized our model training pipeline.”

Arnaud Hubaux

Technical Program Manager AI/ML

“MediaMarktSaturn selected ML6 as the innovation partner for data analytics. We are convinced of their expertise in data, machine learning and Google Cloud. Their digital native mindset helps us gain speed and agility in implementing new technologies.”

Matthias Riepl

Chapter Lead, Data Engineering

“ML6 helped us to build and deploy an intelligent matching engine that has the potential to have a big impact on our candidate and customer journey’s. Hence also influencing our top and bottom line.”

Günther Ghijsels

CIO (Randstad Belgium)

“TVH sees ML6 as a strategic business partner, who is able to guide TVH on their machine learning initiatives.”

Dominiek Valcke

CEO (TVH Parts Holding)

“Working with ML6, we achieved four years’ worth of R&D in just two weeks.”

Peter De Jaeger

Senior Digital Expert

“ML6 were the perfect partner to develop our proof of concept technology, which if successful could be rolled out globally. Exciting times ahead.”

Richard Lloyd

General Manager, European Operations and Supply Chain.


Industry Spotlight

Our research identifies unprecedented opportunities for AI and ML to revolutionize the approach to Life Sciences. Early adopters of intelligent technology will reap the benefits across the stages of drug research & discovery, drug development, manufacturing and sales & marketing. Learn how we accelerate intelligence to impact the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

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Sarolea Motorcycles

Battery Life Optimization

Improving battery life for electric motorcycle engines

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Project Impact:


Increase in electric vehicle autonomy

Leader in Media

Sports Intelligence Engine

Analyzing and processing real time sports games

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Project Impact:


Increase in viewer retention during live streams

Leader in Healthcare

Heart Failure Diagnostics

Predicting patient need for a pacemaker

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Project Impact:


Increase in accuracy for predicting the need for a pacemaker

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