The Future of Real Estate

26 September 2019, 16:52

ML6, specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, today announces the collaboration with March, a Ghent proptech start-up. Together they developed the March Matching Engine, an application that uses parameters and machine learning to predict which companies are most likely to rent or buy a specific business premises. 

The property technology start-up March helps property owners and professionals to find suitable tenants or buyers and guides SMEs, young entrepreneurs and other start-ups in their search for suitable business premises. However, March is not a real estate company like any other and is one of the only artificial intelligence companies to use to find the perfect match between companies and properties. For this, it counts on the expertise of ML6 in Ghent, specialized in solutions in the field of AI and machine learning.

March Matching Engine

“Business brokerage is a very traditional sector in which little innovation has been done for a long time. We still hit a sign ‘for sale’ in the ground and then wait patiently for an interested company to call. We wanted to get rid of that reactive approach, “says Philippe Meire, manager of March. “Together with ML6, we therefore developed the March Matching Engine. This tool, based on artificial intelligence, allows us to link companies to buildings in an intelligent way and vice versa. As a result, we can work much faster and more proactively in order to achieve better results for our customers. You can safely speak of a revolution in the real estate sector. “
The March Matching Engine maps business premises and companies and can recognize patterns and make predictions through AI. In a first version, the March Matching Engine was able to predict which types of companies (for example: department store) could be interested in a certain business premises, but in the meantime the application displays a priority list with specific company names. This allows March ‘real estate professionals to approach these companies proactively and achieve faster and better results for their clients. 

ML6 supported March in the development of the application: from data collection to cleaning up the data set, setting up the system architecture to the development of machine learning models and the user interface. “There is a lot of open data in the real estate sector. So the biggest challenge was not data collection, but rather to properly organize the data and use it in an intelligent way, “says Julie Scherpenseel, business developer at ML6. “The March Matching Engine is a textbook example of collaboration between man and machine. The technology supports real estate professionals in their day-to-day activities, which allows them to work more efficiently, but does not replace them. ”

Strong growth

The results have not been delayed. March was able to grow strongly in the short term and the company was selected for the Watt Factory Accelerator Program that coaches promising start-ups. “The March Matching Engine is an essential part of our company today,” says Philippe Meire. “We are very satisfied with the collaboration and are happy to continue it.”