Get ready to empower your business with Machine Learning! Whether you want to get inspired, train your employees or build a proof of concept, ML6 is here to assist you along the way.

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Inspire Session
Machine Learning talk by one of our lead ML engineers
Part I (60min): Introduction to ML, mythbusting and applications
Part II (60min): Core ingredients in any ML project, use cases & demos
Part III (60min): Q&A + brainstorming
½ day
Max 30 pers.
Profiles: all
Training Session
Prepackaged ML training with example data sources
Scikit-Learn: Python Machine Learning
TensorFlow Machine Learning: Image classification, NLP, regression, ...
1 or 2 days
Max 10 pers./trainer
Profiles: technical
JumpStart Package
Digital transformation bootcamp
Inspire Session + Training Session (optional)
Hands on Machine Learning workshop
Exploring business opportunities
Defining use case on your own data
Data preparation & cleaning
Hands-on POC with our ML engineers
10 days
Profiles: technical