Public & Professional Services

The public sector is constantly looking to gather intelligence and improve efficiency in processes while battling against a scarce resource, time. Identifying tax evasion patterns or going through health and social services data to prioritise cases for welfare and support are some examples of huge time intensive engagements. Leading professional services organizations strive for efficiency to lower costs so they can be more competitive in the market.

Turning growth numbers year on year under heavy competition is not an easy endeavour. Both sectors produce oceans of data with which powerful algorithms can provide insights and opportunity. There are numerous use cases that can be applied to these sectors, please consult with us to find out more.

What we have done

Traffic Congestion Prediction

Accurate traffic flow information for better connecting road users and public transport commuters with self learning technology.

Text Detection

Identify characters in images and videos to efficiently run tasks with self learning technology. Examples include digitizing archives or automatically detecting vehicle number plates.

Contact Center AI

Practice consistent high level customer service in real time at low costs using virtual agents with self-learning technology.