ML6 Wins ‘Artificial Intelligence Innovator of the Year’

23 September 2020, 15:33

ML6 has won the award for ‘AI Innovator of the Year’ in the prestigious Data News Awards for Excellence. This award recognizes IT-companies that set the trend in creating innovation and adopting artificial intelligence technologies, either on the backend level or the customer facing level.

The jury was especially enthusiastic about the fact that ML6 is often brought in through small projects after which they stay on for larger, long-term assignments. This clearly shows that ML6 creates added value for their customers. According to the jury, ML6 also is capable to scale most smoothly.

Watch the official announcement here


Thanks to our extensive experience and having executed over 130 unique use cases, ML6 does not only accomplish ‘virtual progress’, but pragmatic projects with measurable impact. ML6 goes beyond most AI providers by evaluating core business activities with and by our clients, to co-create new value strategies.

This award is a great acknowledgement of how ML6 accelerates intelligence. We do this by accelerating the adoption of intelligent technology across industries, realising business impact using intelligent technology with our customers and accelerating the personal and professional development of our exceptional talent.

About the Data News Awards

The Data News Awards for Excellence is the most prestigious ICT event in Belgium and was run for the 21st time this year.  This year, they announced no less than 14 exceptional awards, each one a symbol of excellence in its category. These awards are the result of a solid selection process by the editorial staff of Data News, the readers of Data News and a jury of ICT professionals. For more information, visit