ML6 Launches in Amsterdam

08 May 2019, 12:30

The Ghent-based ML6, specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has just opened a branch in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam, the scale-up will mainly help companies active in the healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and legal sectors to operate more efficiently. The new office is the next step of the ambitious ML6 to become a reference in Europe in the field of AI and machine learning.

ML6 in Ghent put itself on the map in Belgium in no time with its solutions in the field of AI, machine learning and reinforcement learning, in which connected devices learn independently from each other. For example, ML6 helps companies from various sectors with solutions developed for image recognition, predictive maintenance, quality control, demand forecasting, natural language processing … Moreover, there is an enormous demand for the Google Cloud expertise of scale-up.

Maar de ambitie van ML6 reikt verder dan de Belgische landsgrenzen en de groei van de scale-up uit zich nu in de opening van een nieuw filiaal in Nederland. “In eerste instantie is dit een kwestie van vraag en aanbod”, vertelt Nicolas Deruytter, managing director van ML6. “De Nederlandse markt is een stuk rijper dan de Belgische en nieuwe technologieën worden er een stuk sneller omarmd. Artificiële intelligentie en zeker de oplossingen die wij op dit vlak ontwikkelen zijn nog zeer nieuw. Er is in Nederland een grote vraag naar een betrouwbare partner met veel ervaring en de juiste referenties. Wij kunnen dit bieden en zijn daarom zeer gegeerd bij onze Noorderburen.”

Medical diagnostics

One of the sectors that has a strong demand for ML6 solutions is the health care sector. The scale-up will help hospitals and medical centers in the field of medical diagnostics to anonymize confidential patient data when exchanging diagnostic systems. ML6 can also provide solutions for personalizing medication based on patient records.

Another focus is on the Dutch manufacturing industry. ML6 is one of the only ones that apply AI and machine learning in an industrial context. By focusing on AI-driven process control, it is taking companies in the manufacturing industry to the next level. An important focus here is always on reducing emissions and energy consumption. In the legal sector, for example, ML6 can help law firms to interpret documents and provide advice more efficiently. Finally, ML6 also focuses on the Dutch e-commerce, retail, banking and insurance sectors, business services and the media and entertainment sector. ML6 maintains close collaboration with Google for each of these sectors.

Innovation partner

“We are regarded by many parties as a strategic innovation partner. Our solutions have proven themselves several times in practice and we work with modular frameworks. So we don’t have to invent the hot water time and time again. Moreover, we focus strongly on research and are able to quickly translate academic papers into code. In this way we can immediately introduce innovations to our customers and offer them a competitive edge through cost reduction and sales improvement to reducing downtime and increasing their capacity, ”says Nicolas Deruytter. 


ML6 Netherlands currently has five experts, but this number will grow rapidly. “By the end of 2019 we are aiming for a team of ten to fifteen people,” says Steyn Heskes, commercial director of ML6 Netherlands. However, this does not mean that there is no cooperation between the Netherlands and Belgium, on the contrary. “In our structure, we make no distinction in terms of region. We work cross-border on our projects in squads with team members from both countries. The synergy between Belgium and the Netherlands is therefore very strong and the knowledge sharing is continuous. “

European reference

The growth ambition of ML6 does not stop in the Netherlands either. The scale-up also wants to set foot in other European countries. “We are currently working on a test project in the United Kingdom and we are also trying to anchor ourselves locally in Berlin. Possibly France will follow later. Anyway, it is our ambition to eventually become the reference in Europe in terms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, “says Nicolas Deruytter.