Machine Learning Specialization

21 October 2019, 15:14

ML6 will be a ‘Specialized Machine Learning partner’ for Google Cloud for the next two years. This was achieved by carrying out machine learning projects on the Google Cloud platform for several years. The partnership enables ML6 to introduce innovations to customers even faster and is a new step forward in the European growth ambitions of the scale-up.

Machine Learning partner

The ML6 in Ghent, specialized in solutions in artificial intelligence and machine learning, was founded in 2012. Since 2014, the scale-up has been a ‘Premier Partner’ of Google Cloud. “In our early years, we used Amazon, but due to the needs of our customers, we quickly switched,” says founder Nicolas Deruytter. “Since then, we have deliberately and exclusively opted for the Google Cloud platform. The technology is simple yet scalable and there is a lot of data available. Moreover, cloud platforms evolve very quickly. If you want to evolve, you can only do that with a strong focus. Ultimately, this focus also translates into a better solution for the customer, which is central at all times. “
For the next two years, ML6 is now also ‘Specialized Machine Learning partner’ of Google Cloud. “Google Cloud is very pleased to announce that ML6 is now officially a ‘Specialized Machine Learning partner for the Benelux”, says Simon van Beurden, Partner Manager at Google Cloud Benelux. “This was achieved through years of applied research and expertise in the implementation of machine learning projects on our platform. At Google, the customer is at the center of everything we do and ML6, which is already a ‘Premier Partner’, understands that dynamic, cutting-edge and intelligent solutions are at the core of building and maintaining long-term relationships. ”

Successful cases

With more than 150 successful cases and more than 30 certified data engineers, ML6 amply meets the conditions for obtaining this recognition. In addition, the machine learning knowledge of the entire ML6 team was also questioned. Google also emphasizes that the ML6 team is very creative and enthusiastic and has very strong technical knowledge. This not only makes fine collaboration, ML6 is also an extension of the capabilities of Google Cloud. It manages to create momentum and awareness and to achieve proven results with the GCP ML engine.

European growth

“We are seen by many parties as a strategic innovation partner because we pride ourselves on the speed with which we can introduce innovations to our customers and offer them a competitive edge ,” says Nicolas Deruytter. “This recognition not only confirms this, it will also enable us to roll out these innovations even faster and more frequently for our customers at home and abroad in the future.” With this partnership, ML6 is taking a new step in its European growth . The Ghent scale-up opened offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and London last year and the ambition remains unchanged to become the European reference in AI.