expert talk: running Tensorflow in Production [meetup]

Tensorflow is nice for doing research, however, one of the main advantages of the Tensorflow framework over other ML frameworks is it’s ecosystem that easily allows for running your code in production.

During this meetup we will talk about 3 extensions:
– Tensorflow Serving (Stijn Decubber)
– Tensorflow Transform (Matthias Feys)
– Kubeflow (Robbe Sneyders)

To make this talk interesting for the attendees, we do expect a basic understanding of Machine Learning and Tensorflow.

There will be some drinks and pizza provided by ML6 at the end of the meetup, but don’t expect a full diner ;-).


Link: here

Join us on September 25 at the Google offices in Amsterdam for our “Disrupt your core with AI” seminar!

We’ll cover the possibilities of machine learning for multiple industries and discuss how AI will disrupt your core business. Our Machine Learning experts will explain how we can support you to achieve great results, the best route to success and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Keen to inject ‘artificial intelligence’ in your organization?

Register here (free)


An introduction into Deep Reinforcement Learning for industrial process optimization

Join us at the ML Conference in Munich to learn about Deep Reinforcement Learning for industrial process optimization.

Deep Reinforcement Learning leverages the strengths of Neural Networks to enable robots and machines to learn how to operate optimally in complex, dynamic environments. This session will provide a general introduction to the field, look at some of the most promising applications in industrial process optimization and intelligent robotics as well as the most challenging R&D problems we are facing today.

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Hands-On-Workshop: Deep Learning with Tensorflow

Join us at the ML Conference in Munich to get a hands on workshop for Deep Learning in Tensorflow.

In this workshop, we will dive into the world of deep learning. After introducing the basics of Google’s Deep Learning library ‘TensorFlow’ we will continue with hands on coding exercises. You will learn how to create a neural network that is able to classify images of handwritten digits (MNIST) into their respective classes (Image Classification). While starting with a very basic, shallow network, we gradually add depth and introduce convolutional layers and regularization to improve the performance of our model.

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Cloud Architect Alliance: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We are probably all aware of the big privacy scandal happened in the past few weeks, that political analytics firm Cambridge Analytica had harvested private data on more than 50 million Facebook users to support US President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign. The data was used to help it design software to predict and influence voters’ choices at the ballot box.

This is a great example of how not to work with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, but the fact is, that more and more companies do benefit and do make a great use of these technologies, also in the Cloud.

We would like to invite you for our next Cloud Architect Alliance event on April 19 in our second home Restaurant Dauphine in Amsterdam.

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Google Cloud OnBoard

Cloud OnBoard – Brussels is a free full-day instructor-led enablement and training event that will provide you with a step-by-step technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through a combination of instructor-led presentations and technical demonstrations, you will learn how to get started with Google App Engine, Datastore, Storage, Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine and Network, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Please join us at this great event. More info & registration here: link

Belfius Hackathon

The second version of the Belfius Hackathon will take place from Friday 20th April to Sunday 22nd April 2018. Come pitch your ideas, attract skilled teammates, design your solution and build a working prototype. Our event aims to have the right mix of developers, designers, data lovers and daring doers who will work together for almost 44 hours. The groups will be composed of students, Belfius employees and partners.

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Gears is a conference by and for developers who think beyond their boundaries. Who wants to submerge themselves in next generation technology. Who wants to explore, share, surprise and be surprised. Gears dares them: What would you create in a world without constraints?

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Week van de Ondernemers

Sharing ideas or expanding your network? Come to the Business Week and create new business opportunities! More than 100 experts and passionate entrepreneurs talk about 9 themes that can be important for the future of your company. Attend this event to learn how to integrate artificial intelligence into your activity. And how is this a competitive advantage for your company.

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