Google Cloud Next Amsterdam

Google Cloud Next is coming to Amsterdam on the 8th of May 2018. Google Cloud Next is where customers, partners, developers, influencers and the greater global cloud community get inspired and learn. Together, we’re working to make the cloud useful and accessible to everyone.

Please meet us there !

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Digital Transformation Conference

The Digital Transformation Conference focuses on 4 important tracks: business -, customer -, technology – & sustainability innovation.
In each of these tracks, numerous experts will present their state-of-the-art innovation.
Given its numerous high-end machine learning projects & ECC.AI product (Energy Consumption Control using AI), ML6 will also present its latest projects & product releases at the #DTC18.

Join us on the 18th of April 2018!

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Big Data Expo Vlaanderen

Big Data Expo Vlaanderen is a two-day expo on which companies can present their products and expertise to a specific target group that is looking for opportunities and solutions to make their data more relevant. This event takes place at the same time as the Webshop Vakbeurs. The Webshop Vakbeurs is also a two-day expo and offers a complete array of solutions necessary to start and sustain success in the e-commerce business.

ML6 will have its own booth at the Big Data Expo Vlaanderen & will present you one of our top-notch ML project cases at the 25th of April 2018, 12pm.

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AI 4 Business Summit

The AI 4 Business Summit is the first AI dedicated summit in Belgium, gathering experts on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT with a focus on its business value.

At this summit, Nicolas Deruytter (Managing Partner at ML6) will present some of our day-to-day AI project cases.

Please join us at the AI 4 Business Summit !

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Fuel is a unique, one-day innovation event in Belgium, powered by MEDIALAAN. It Invites marketers, managers and innovators for a trip through the most significant innovations in media and telecommunications. Xander, one of our talented ML engineers, will be a speaker at this event.

Media, technology and telecommunications are changing at the speed of light. Meet the thought leaders and experts at the forefront of these innovations. Be inspired by their vision and feel the energy of tomorrow’s possibilities for your brands and businesses. Experience new technology first hand. Enter curious. Leave inspired.

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Think with Google

ML6 will present a ML case on the Think with Google event. For marketers, data is not a result but a start. This event is about what comes next: the latest tools and technologies for creating meaningful connections at scale. On the 22nd February 2018, we’re bringing together the leading marketers in the field to share best practices from the frontline of technology. Three central topics are on display: data, connectivity and automation. By sharing our vision, showcasing available tools and real life business cases, we hope you’ll leave Think 2018 inspired and equipped to bring the three together.

Greenhouse Group | Deep Learning event

There is a lot of buzz around Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. From great promises to dark dystopia’s. What is really going on? How can people, brands and markets change on the short and long term? During this event, various top speakers will tell you about customer service chatbots, creative AI, voice search, face- and image recognition and the developments in the area of online marketing.

Music hackathon

After the first hackathon (astrohack) organized by DSGhent & TF Belgium last year, we are announcing our second hackathon!

This year we will work on music generation based on MIDI files. No need to be a musician, we start the hackathon explaining the data and the problem with some sample code to help you get started.

You are welcome the weekend of Mars 10 at DigitYser. The hackathon ends on Sunday with a ceremony awarding the winners. These winners will be chosen by peers and a jury (with a special guest!)

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