Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new. The technology already exists for many years, but only the recent surge in amounts of data makes the technology become extremely relevant to businesses. Many organizations are now experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and more and more they realize that Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important to improve the way they work..


Although many see the importance, only few realize that the true power of AI goes way beyond efficiency improvements and cool gimmicks. They are thinking ahead and examining how to completely disrupt their core business with AI. Many companies struggle to successfully embrace this powerful technology and hence jeopardize their future success. ML6 partners with organizations that want to leverage the full potential of AI and supports them to make the right decisions to maximize the chances of successful implementation.


ML6 works with companies that see Artificial Intelligence as a key asset and differentiator in their future business model. Through a pragmatic approach, ML6 helps to pave the way for Artificial Intelligence to become a trusted technology with strong leadership endorsement. ML6 supports companies across the entire journey from strategy to implementation and works with organizations of all levels of data maturity, from data novices to data wizards.


ML6 is a team of Machine Learning engineers and data scientists who empower businesses with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We prepare companies for the challenges of tomorrow and help them foster the digital AI first revolution with our broad expertise.

ML6 sees Artificial Intelligence as a key differentiator for businesses to take the lead in their respective domains. ML6 is trusted by global players in a.o. retail, manufacturing, telecom, finance and non-for-profit sectors.
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