Case Study

Contact Center AI

A leader in Public Services

A major European postal service delivering local and international mail with over 25,000 employees.

The Challenge

The company's internal IT Service Desk is critical to its operations. However, the high volume of IT support queries from staff led the customer to want to improve employees’ experience of the Service Desk, and to reduce the department’s costs. They therefore sought a dual-language voice-enabled IT service desk agent to expedite responses to routine enquiries.

The Solution

Leveraging three highly compatible technologies - Dialogflow, Voximplant and ServiceNow - ML6 built a digital agent capable of filtering and handling employee’s queries. The model works by first translating speech into text before conducting intent classification and entity extraction to identify the employee and understand their query. The query is then ticketed to the appropriate third-party, or connected to a member of the IT Service Desk if necessary, with that response being delivered via speech generation.


Overall, the customer was very happy with the way ML6 has approached their challenge and implemented the solution. Given the state-of-the-artness of this solution, the Customer and ML6 have identified some room for improvement on the Dutch language model today. Given the modular architecture and usage of Dialogflow technologies (+ other Google Cloud Platform technologies), new product releases of Google’s (engineering) product team will automatically improve the implemented solution. So, without any development from ML6 or the Customer, this solution will only get smarter over time ...