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Choosing ML6 as your Google Cloud Reselling Partner gives you access to the best-in-class data engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to accelerate your business.

AI First Cloud Services

Based on your Google Cloud consumption, you will be awarded free ML6 credits which can be used for some of the most cutting-edge AI solutions we deliver.


Certified Google Cloud Engineers

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Computer Vision

Uses machine learning to understanding images and videos with industry leading prediction accuracy.

Natural Language Processing

Uses machine learning to understand natural language. The technique intelligently converts speech to text and text to speech.


The use of data to provide more targeted products, services and content to your customers.

Anomaly Detection

Is the process of identifying unexpected items or events in a data set, which differs from the norm.

Data Warehouse & Engineering

Highly-scalable, cost-effective and fully-managed Google Cloud data warehouse for analytics with built-in machine learning.

Managed Security

Using Forseti Security to scan your Google Cloud environment, define and monitor your policies and enforce your rules.

Cloud Plan for AI

Select and set up Google Cloud services in a secure way to enable your data science team with training included.


Innovative machine learning products and services on a trusted platform.


of businesses say pressure to reduce costs will require them to use artificial intelligence. *Forbes


of executives say AI solutions implemented in their businesses have already increased productivity. *PWC


of businesses believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today. *BCG


believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. *MIT Sloan

Trusted Partners


Springer Nature

"MediaMarktSaturn selected ML6 as the innovation partner for data analytics. We are convinced of their expertise in data, machine learning and Google Cloud. Their digital native mindset helps us gain speed and agility in implementing new technologies."

Matthias Riepl

Chapter Lead, Data Engineering

"By collaborating with ML6 to migrate part of our on premise data warehouse to BigQuery on Google Cloud, Springer Nature was able to accelerate innovation due to highly scalable, serverless infrastructure, delivering projects faster."

Ian Irving

Director of Finance and Reporting Solutions

About ML6

We are a team of Machine Learning experts who have been driving operational efficiency and value creation through self learning systems since 2013. We believe that our uniqueness stems from our emphasis on staying on top of the latest research, being innovative, cultivating talent and applying our research in practice.

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