Celebrating Growth with New Office Opening

15 July 2019, 16:38

The Ghent-based ML6, specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, opened their new office in Ghent with great interest at the end of June. It is a new chapter in the strong growth of the scale-up, which now has more than 50 employees. Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belgium, Dominiek Valcke, CEO TVH, and Gunther Ghijsels, CIO of Randstad, shared their experiences during the opening with the implementation of artificial intelligence in business, the conditions for successful projects, the return on investment and opinions about ethics in AI.

The ML6 in Ghent put itself on the map in Belgium in no time with its solutions in the field of AI, machine learning and reinforcement learning, whereby self-learning systems are created that learn to perform certain actions based on historical data. ML6 has already carried out more than 120 use cases at companies active in the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing industry, retail, e-commerce, the legal sector and many others.

Growth at home and abroad

ML6 has experienced great growth in recent years, beyond the national borders. The scale-up, for example, already has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. But growth is also felt closer to home. A larger and new office was needed. “This new office with modern infrastructure offers our people a lot of light, space and comfort. The location near Gent-Sint-Pieters is also ideal for coming to work by train, bicycle or car. That accessibility is essential to receive our customers, whom we are happy to show you around the numerous demo setups. This is how they see our AI expertise in action, “says Nicolas Deruytter, CEO of ML6.

Panel call

The new and larger office (867m²) was festively inaugurated in the presence of Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belgium, Dominiek Valcke, CEO TVH, and Gunther Ghijsels, CIO of Randstad. During a panel discussion led by Wim De Vilder, they shared their insights and experiences with artificial intelligence in business. For example, attention was paid to the meaning of machine learning and AI, how the technology can be deployed in very different ways and how to start AI projects. The difference between successful and failed AI projects and how to learn lessons can be found in more detail. We also zoomed in on the return on investment of machine learning projects. Finally, special attention was also given to ethics in AI. The evening ended with a networking moment. 

European reference

ML6 does not hide the fact that it has the ambition to become the reference in Europe in terms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. “ML6 is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium. Our new office must allow us to continue this growth, both in our own country and in Europe. We also opened offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and London last year. However, our ambition remains undiminished and we want to take new steps in the near future to become the European reference in AI, “concludes Nicolas Deruyter.