Automated Customer Service

Automating customer service through a messenger app or chatbot on your website has proven to enhance the customer experience, reduce churn, lower costs and improve employee satisfaction.  Customers can quickly get an answer to any questions they may have and the workload of call center agents can be reduced with the introduction of a conversational agent. Let the agent take over basic tasks and put full focus on what makes your customers happy.

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With our proprietary hyper-personalisation algorithms, we can help you show customers the products that matter to them. Instead of working with segments, every recommendation is now individually tailored to a specific customer. This can help you redefine the content of personal advertising brochures, of your ecommerce website or of journal articles or blog post recommendations. With the right content at the right time, it is only a matter of time before you see the impact on your sales and on customer satisfaction.

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Computer Vision for Retail

With computer vision, a ML system is able to recognize & understand content on pictures or in videos in real-time. This allows to capture data on how customers interact with products and behave in-store, identifying key trends to help personalize each shopping experience. Using vision to shape the in-store customer experience (i.e. facial recognition to greet customers at the POS or automating check-outs), has already been proven to reduce dwell time and raise brick & mortar stores sales. Additionally, computer vision can be used to get real-time situational awareness about what’s happening on a shelf enabling you to autonomously managing low stock and inventory supplies.

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Voice Integration

Imagine customers being able to interact with your app, website or product simply by using their voice… Whether they want to ask the price of new BBQ equipment, get information about home delivery or complete their shopping list right from their kitchen, all they have to do is ask for it and the voice activated shopping assistant provides the relevant information right to them!

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