You may be surprised to learn that today more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water. The

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Smart Cities

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence through the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to unlock opportunities within cities including autonomous vehicles, adaptive energy systems and even smart healthcare. AI and machine learning can have significant benefits for city authorities. As an example, reducing traffic accidents, improving transportation options and air quality are high on the agenda.

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Text Detection

Powerful machine learning models are able to read and locate characters in images and videos. These models can be used in a wide array of tasks. Ranging from automatic number-plate recognition, digitizing archives to blurring out sensitive text in images and assisting blind and visually impaired persons.

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Fleet Optimisation

As wind technology matures, turbines already in operation can be upgraded to yield more energy and thereby improve an existing wind park business case. Improvements of the production efficiency of a wind power plant can be carried out through site-specific optimisation of operational parameters and implementation of intelligent software algorithms. All designed to make your turbine work smarter and harder.

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