Store Layout Optimization

With new ways of collecting customer journey data, lots of opportunities arise to get insights and guidance beyond the store level. Store layout and shelf design analysis can reveal how well customers are engaging with the store and can help to implement optimization strategies that will improve customer experience and conversion. Specific customer segments can be analyzed in terms of their shopping behavior, product associations and navigation patterns.

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Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Which products to promote this month? Which consumer segment should we target? Estimating the impact of past-time marketing campaigns is crucial to guide the design of future market interventions. Important aspects are to include the area and time of the campaign, presence of parallel promotions and holidays and seasonal variations.

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Demand Forecasting

Predicting customer demand is vital for large-scale retailers to optimize supply chains and to support business decision-making. This is especially true in FMCG, where products have a short shelf life and the costs of oversupply and over manufacture can be significant. As new products emerge, stores open in new locations and consuming patterns change, the demand forecasting problem becomes ever more complex.

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