A Natural Language Processing look at the Belgian governmental agreement

12 November 2020, 14:07

By: Thomas Dehaene, Lucas Desard

Category: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, ML6, naturallanguageprocessing, nlp, Technical Blogpost

A Natural Language Processing look :
A tale of multilingualism, summarization and sentence embeddings

Earlier this quarter, Belgium finally got a federal government, after many months of haggling, discussion and debate.

Ok, so how do we want to tackle this?

Before, during and after elections a lot of things get said, written and stated by all parties involved.
After a government is formed, they release a so-called “Regeerakkoord”, a governmental agreement if you will. Which is essentially a large written mission-statement of the focus points of the formed government.
So: text, text, text, text. We’re sensing a little NLP ( Natural Language Processing) groove going on here .

Image for post

They certainly seem eager to get to it (source: De Standaard)

  • gather texts from the government standpoints on various topics
  • translate them to English
  • perform abstractive summarization
  • perform sentence embedding
  • do dimensionality reduction
  • plot them in a nice graph to compare

Interested in the plot and more ? Read the full interactive blogpost on our Medium blog.